Revolution 2020

Like any other Chetan Bhagat’s book…..even this goes on smoothly, without any interesting twists or turns. One understands the plot even before its reached.

Set up in Varanasi, it’s the story of  3 childhood friends ; Raghav ( Mr Revolutionist ), Arti (Miss Confused Female) and Gopal (Mr Narrator , a normal human);

Into the characters :

Raghav :

An intelligent graduate from BHU who drops his Engineering career to realize his dream of becoming a journalist.  Friend of Gopal n thus to Arti. Dreams and works for a ‘Shining n Corruption free india’ n wants to create a revolution in the country by the year 2020 (hence, the title). Starts his career as an honest news reporter n becomes victim of the side-effects of being honest; looses his job n the press that he starts; But his spirit never dies. By the end of the novel he is all set to become a politician, by marrying Arti, with the same spirit n dream.

Aarti :

Only daughter of an IAS Officer n gran-daughter of ex- CM, she Is a happy-go-lucky kind. Childhood friend of Gopal; I felt she was matured during childhood days n childish during later stage; (purely personal opinion); Felt she is a confused character n can’t judge people or does she understand the situations n moves based on the advantages over the dis’tages ?

Gopal :

An avg boy who cudnt make it to the Engineering, even after a year of special coaching. loses his ill-father, who is ‘be-an-engineer-or-loser’ types. By that time also lost his childhood love Aarti to Raghav; He is depressed n comparing himself to Raghav always. With the help of MP Shukla ji, establishes an engineering college n in this venture finds the ways bribes work in India. Becomes manipulative and wins his gal back.  There are many situations where I felt pity for him…..but can’t loathe him. By the end, he goes for a self-introspection n does the needful;

My Take :

Though not a die-hard fan of his works,  always read his books.  Somehow the title ‘Revolution 2020’ was the reason for the delay in reading this. Title doesn’t do much justice to the book. His style is easy-going n smooth, the reason I read; ( Needed a book which wouldn’t put me through much thinking n I ended up picking it ). How he interprets the ‘girlese-words-and-actions’ are really funny. But I felt, the opening n narration style are v similar to his previous books….’3 Mistakes of my life’ and ‘2 states’. Watch out Chetan….!!!

Overall, the book is a simple entertainer n has got nothing new. may be its time, he checked upon his style.


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  1. surya

    Awesome book collection. Please share your thoughts on all ur books.

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