Lady Chatterley’s Lover

Author :  D.H.Lawrence;  Published in : 1928

Bought this book in 2009 for 3 reasons …..

1. Interesting title  2. Interesting intro at the back of the book and  3. Interest to buy a random book which costs less n wouldn’t make me resent my decision.

Somehow couldn’t make myself read it till Oct., 2011.  It lay in my collection for almost 2 yrs touched only for dusting and reshuffling. Came to know bout a movie in hindi ‘Saheb,biwi aur gangster’. Wondering whether it was an adaptation of this book, I started reading out. (Even now I dunno as Im yet to see the movie. May be its a light adaptation of the book)

The novel’s central characters are:

Mr Chatterley, who belongs to the aristocrat family.

Lady Constance Chatterley alias Connie, wife of  Mr. Chatterley

Oliver Mellors, lover of Lady Chatterley

Plot :

The novel takes the reader to the early 1900’s. Though was clueless and bored at the initial few pages, got hooked onto it.

Constance who is brought up in a family which gives importance to education, art and good amount of freedom for women, is wedded to Mr Chatterley who leaves his new bride for the sake of war; but he unfortunately gets attacked n his lower body is paralysed and he is stuck to the mechanical wheel chair. Thereby becoming invalid for married life. But he busied himself in the forgoing coal revolution though in a constant fear that his wife may leave him. But, Connie understands this and sticks to him even as her father n sister urge her to divorce him n re-marry. But the desire to bear a child arouses strongly in her. Husband allows her to have a child with anyone but, from the upper class n never leave him.she gets into a brief affair intimate with his friend. But he fails to recognise the female in her n is happy just being intimate with her, which she resents. Finally, she falls for their worker, a divorced, Mr.Oliver Mellors, who takes care of all her need as a woman. She finally conceives and divorces her husband for him.

My take :

I love the book…….!!!!

Knew that it was banned when published due to the objectionable content present in it. For many people it may remain outdated, but it surely shocked me even today. The ease with which the F-word is used for physical intimacy stirs me. There are such and such words that cannot be written here.

Author succeeds in portraying the characters with due respect they deserve. Never lets the reader feel lousy about them.

Lord Chatterley though pictured as a selfish and insecure person from the beginning, is done much gracefully. I really liked the part where he showed much respect for his lady and din discuss the matter to low her conscience. He has done it very gracefully. And the pain he feels at the end when she leaves him for her lover is quite natural and well handled. I also like the way he tries different things to keep his place up and finally the way he succeeds in the coal mining revolution than sinking in depression. Bravo !

As for Lady Chatterley, when she couldn’t handle the depression and lifelessness caused in her by her marriage, then It may be right for her to go in search of a person who could love her for herself and end up carrying his child. And even leaves her husband for him. The ease with which she lies to her husband can also be noticed. Though, I can’t stop wondering about her reaction if her husband leaves her for another woman leaving her helpless. (But its better top leave things which wouldn’t stay)

Coming to Mr Oliver Mellors, nothing much remarkable. He is in search of a woman who has the courage to indulge herself in his sexual adventures, and enjoy it; This character seems to have much knowledge as he worked in different countries, but all that is not much related to the novel. I felt he started off the affair just as a matter of fact but ends reciprocating her love too; I sometimes got irritated when he takes his local accent as it slows down my pace of reading in order to get the nerve of the novel. But that’s fine.

But the ending or the way it was handled is disappointing. The grippiness of the novel is lost somewhere as the ending is reached. I even wondered whether my book lost some of its ending pages and cross checked it.

Given any age, I’m sure the reader would be surprised by the novel, if they at least have an understanding of the society at that time.

I will definitely go for re-reading. This book proves its worth to be in personal collections.


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