Wise & OtherWise : A Salute To Life

A Salute to Life


About the Author : Sudha Murty

It’s the 1st time I got a Sudha Murthy’s Book in my hand. And …..what a different and refreshing book it is. Prior to the book, I did not know much about her, except that she is a writer, a social worker and a very simple lady despite being wife of Mr Narayana Murthy. The couple lead  a very simple life being role model to many.  But just going through the book one can understand the different virtues possessed by her.

As I was reading the book, I felt a strong urge to know a bit about her. I ended up reading more ‘bout her….Definitely, ‘A Woman Of Substance’. Born in Karnataka, She is a Teacher, social worker, head of Infosys Foundation etc.  Yeah….many feathers in her cap. Came to know quite an interesting fact.From her mother’s side, she is a descendant of Sardar Melgiri Pandit of the Maratha Empire who battled the invading  Mongol hordes at Bijapur in the War of 27 years

;……Hmm I guess that shows her fighting spirit….when she wrote a letter complaining to J R D Tata about the prevailing gender bias, when she read an advt for the post of Engineers at TELCO which specially stated ‘Female candidates need not apply’.

First and foremost , her heart throbs for the less deserving people, her intelligence, courage, positive attitude, observation power , hardworking nature, honesty, simplicity, and the ability to keep her feet firmly on the ground, in spite of the fact that she is ‘Sudha Murty’.

About the book :

The book is a short collection of her experiences she gained and the lessons learnt from them…….spanning over as 51 short write-ups. It is a book meant to be savoured, felt and to understand the different types of people co-exist .

I don wan to judge the write-ups at all. ……..as they are experiences rather than fiction.

As I said the book is a collection of people’s mentality. They are honest; They are grateful; They are courageous; They are helpful in nature; They are straight forward; and finally, They are different; (Even the opposite of everything above also happens)

But want to say few words ‘bout it. So, a peek into the book’s contents.

From ‘Bahut kuch Hota Hai’ I immensely liked the positive attitude of the small boy who picks crabs from the seashore at chandipur, Orissa, for a meagre amount of Rs 10. When Mrs. Sudha asks him what could he probably do with that…….he answers It pays for many more things and is better than having nothing. That attitude of the boy is greatly touching.

‘Idealists at twenty, realists at Forty’, depicts that success and victory are those things which u still have at a middle age, rather than at twenty. I’m sure, she is right. May be being successful at middle age, where anyone is dragged into the whirlpool of responsibilities, shows the real self.

I felt ‘A man too clever by half’ and ‘On Human Foibles’ were just hilarious where we see 2 characters going for all false claims. ‘Pay or I’ll suicide’ also gave me splits where a woman ends up blackmailing Infosys foundation to clear her debts or else she will suicide. (Though it isn’t any funny book……I really can’t help thinking and laughing bout such people)

There are such kind of people described in ‘Honesty comes within’ and ‘3 young Men’ where their honesty and gratitude touch you and also described are people who are so ungrateful. I wondered how such people could look into her eyes again. But it’s the greatness of the lady not to expect anything from them and continue her work.

In ‘The Nobel Prize’, the positive way she looked at Mr Nobel’s invention of dynamite erases the negative way I thought about him

Different mentalities are described…….how a lady donates a v large amount as charity n still remains anonymous and on the other end is a high society woman who pays a small amount on the condition that she is felicitated well. J people I say.

And forgot to mention the Mahaswetha incident.  Though I saw the book in the shop I preferred this over that. But an incident in the book states bout a guy whose mindset is changed because of the novel and he happily marries the lady he rejected as she got some skin disease. The novel must be considered a great success for impacting a person’s lifelong decision. Should grab one too.

Finally HER  way of writing is  lucid, easy-going style. No complex turnabouts.

While writing this, It suddenly striked me may be I faced similar situations too….but din care enough to react in the same way. Lucky is the lady who has so much love to give and to get too.

Get The BOOK.

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Bought the book from a bookshop on an impulse, though I had a doubt that FlipKart.com would be offering it at a discount. And when I checked it out, almost 60 bucks lesser…..but the comfort of having a book at the instant desired is irreplaceable.



  1. sadiqa ahmadi

    can anybody tell me the main characters of this book

  2. sushma

    important characters…………

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