Life Is What You Make It

Title         :  Life Is What You Make It

Author   :  Preeti Shenoy

Was casually browsing when the title ‘Life Is What You Make It’ grabbed my attention. Its my favourite phrase. Bought it instantly. I was actually surprised to see that it is a fiction.

The book is about a girl Ankita Sharma and how she faced and emerged through the ups and downs of her life bravely.

Ankita Sharma is a confident, hardworking girl from a conservative family blessed with everything wonderful. Her world changes as she develops ‘Bipolar Disorder’- A psychological unwellness, where in a person will experience unusual energy and also depression, alternatively. Ankita does amazing things when in the zenith and suicidal thoughts at the nadir. After such repeated suicidal attempts, and with parents support, she undergoes treatment and emerges successfully.

Going through the book it is understandable that Preeti is inspired from some real life incidents, as one can definitely identify with few, atleast in the college life. What I liked more in this book is how smoothly it rolls off and the positiveness and hope that the author puts up in the plot.

Though, the book could be completed in a day, I couldn’t.

Reason: the first few pages were fast paced as it were her colourful days…..but the bipolar and recovery days slowed me, as I wanted to take it slowly. There were serious emotions and feelings and one would never like to miss them. I specially liked her recovery days, where the lady is in safe and trusted hands and there are loving people all around her. Such positive is always welcome.

After going through the book, I  just casual-browsed her blog. Preeti  is a very creative person and does many things besides writing. Liked her blog-title as well as her blog.  Check it out here. I regularly peek into her blog, to see the creative side.   She is out with her 3rd book now ‘Tea for two and a piece of cake’. Will get that too, but after a break.


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