The Rozabal Line

Author                :    Ashwin Sanghi

Published By    :   Westland Publisher

            Just before posting this I discovered that this title was already published in US (lulu publications) first by Shawn Haigins. I was surprised. But I figured out that Shawn Haigins and Ashwin Sanghi are anagrams and that’s his pseudonym. About the book, it’s a historical thriller, narrated in a very interesting way. Basically about religion and how they have evolved and the mysteries associated with it. This book spans the timeline from as early as 800 BC to current year, i.e., 2012.

             It also shows that Islam, Christianity, Hinduism are all connected at certain level.

             I was ignorant of the abundant literature available which challenges that Jesus as God, n the bible. I first read that Jesus is married, had children etc in an investigative novel. Later on in, Dan Brown’s novels. But the same were mentioned even strongly and in detail in this book. Of course, the author had approached many authorised books, articles, researches etc, which are duly mentioned; and the references of the same were listed at the end; 209 odd references. I was actually using 2 bookmarks. The other one for the references.


            It is about a priest in US, Vincent Sinclair, who discovers that he has a calling; He is born to perform a sacred job n that he in his previous births was one of the important people who witnessed the crucifixion. Now along with his aunt Martha he sets out to do what he was born for and this takes them to India, where Jesus is supposed to have visited during his lifetime. After a very adventurous trip, he discovers something important;

            Why are the Illuminati and the church after him? How are Islam, Christianity n Hinduism connected? What happened to Jesus after crucifixion? Is Mary Magdalene his wife? How is Mary Magdalene associated with Magadha Kingdom?  Did he have a lineage? What is ‘rozabal line ‘? Why did Vincent Sinclair come to India? (Climax is staged in India) Etc. I don wan to write about them and spill the beans.

              What I liked mostly bout it is, how it correlates the incidents of past to present. That is very fascinating. For ex, last supper of Jesus to a current terrorist group who perform the same rituals. Events mentioned in bible to the way destruction is planned by them. And finally the way the terrorists killed are similar to how the disciple of Jesus died.

              Though the narrative style, research involved, the characters that have been thought and evolved etc arouses interest, it does have its own weak points too. Due to the multiple hops in characters, in timelines and in places, at some point I felt I was losing track. The ending was rather bleak. I felt that it was typical Bollywood-type-ending. There isn’t much thrill. Actually story part is less. There seems to be lack of clarification by the end of the book or was I too confused after going through such detailed reading????

                I wish to find this out and definitely want to go for a second reading. 1st read is a hurried one.

                This book is chosen to be made into a film. I always felt that not every movie-turned-out-from-book does justice to the book. But then, no prejudices.

                While reading this, I can’t help but remembering (and thereby comparing), Dan Brown’s works, especially Da Vinci Code, as the point on which the book is woven is similar. If his works are in your memory then go on for this too. This book talks about them even more intensely. If you like Dan Brown’s books, then this book is for you.

                Writing a novel is difficult. And If it’s a historical novel it is even n even n even n even more difficult. Just reading the novel one will understand the huge work he has done. And Sanghi is successful in it. Awesome writer.



  1. Good review. But unfortunately I beg to differ. I found this book utter rubbish. It is poor ripoff of Dan Brown (as you mentioned above). Having so many plots, sub-plots shows the amateurishness of the writer. Starting with his own name for an anagram was ridiculous. I have read one of his interview where he kept on saying he finished writing before Da Vinci code. which was absolutely unbelievable. I believe his second book Chanakya’s chant has got more favorable reviews. Maybe he is maturing.

    • I agree it has a week plot, but the historical facts and the references are the ones which interested me more. Didn’t read Chanakya’s chant as yet. chanakya is such a powerful character….& im eager to see what he has done with it 😉

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