When A Lawyer Falls In Love


Author                 :       Amrita Suresh
Publications   :       Offshoots Publishers

As the guess goes, the book is about young lawyers in college; This book has been gifted to me; And on the cover it is said to be ‘witty, pacey, funny, intelligent’-by The Hindu. Trusted it and saved the book for a month later, when my delivery due date was nearing. Yep,  I wanted to read something which makes that difficult phase less difficult (couldn’t do without anything to read…..so chose this). Packed this book in my hospital luggage too. Started the book when I had the pains….and completed it 2 weeks post-partum; (Learnt something….nothing could ease the pains)

Well, speaking about the book….

It is the life of 6 young would-be lawyers at college; Ankur and his friends. Vyas, Pavan, Souvik, Jayashree, Sonali;

At the beginning , Ankur’s  roommate & friend Vyas is in relation with his weird & dominating  girlfriend for 10 years; Pavan a malayalee has this ancestral ambassador car, with which the writer tried to bring some fun into the novel; Souvik is a gentle & practical Bengali boy who is in love with the college beauty, Jayashree, and tries very hard to catch her attention; Sonali, a courageous gujarati gal is ankur’s dream; ankur wants to propose to her only after settling down; Amidst many turns and twists and some funny incidents and sonali’s boring horoscope predictions and lectures we reach the ending, by which time lot much changes : Jayashree reciprocates similar feelings towards Souvik; and they elope and marry with the help of their friends. Vyas’s 10 year long girl friend dumps him only to marry her dubai-cousin; Sonali feels the same towards Ankur and takes the initiative, even before he settles down ;-). Pavan is as usual, behind the girls. The novel ends with a farewell party for the young lawyers.

Well, nothing much to say. And I don’t know whether it is my over-expectations or the book really doesn’t have all the wit & fun; Specially…….I didn’t find anything very intelligent in this.

Thankfully, book has a happy ending…..which I liked most.

By the way, I have a beautiful baby boy now.



  1. It is a shame that is was just a pretty good read, a proper lawyer drama should be amazing.

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