My Way Of Celebrating Ganesh Chathurthi : 2010

My Atta Ganesh

I’m not a religious person. Wait. Don’t judge that I don believe in God. I do believe in that supreme power. Only thing is I’m not very particular about the rituals. Hence pooja related things aren’t there in my home.

The one festival that I celebrate is Vinayaka Chathurthi/ Ganesh Chathurthi. Influence is from childhood friend who lets me to decorate Ganesh, at her home.

Everyone knows how Chavithi is celebrated. Buy beautiful & colorful idols. Perform Pooja. And then after the designated days, dump them in water. I always wonder how people can do that. And, how many people understand the effects the harmful chemicals present in the paints and the idols are going to harm the water and the lives present in that???

I’m serious, guys. Give it a thought.

Ok, coming to this post….. Since 2010, I started celebrating it at my home, too.

Just before the day, I felt a strong urge to do something, as my husband wanted to celebrate. So I searched the local shops in my area for clay or play dough, which I couldn’t get. But, managed to grab some decorative stickers. I was disappointed as I couldn’t get the Idol. I was adamant not to buy one. Finally it struck me, that I could use atta. There it goes…..

I realised to take the pic only after i started it. So this is the 1st pic. he was almost finished, by then.


After I finished him, I noticed that the idol was leaning back as the dough is not very strong. So gave support using a plastic knife and used cloves for eyes, red chilli stalks for tusks and the decorated with the stickers. Made a laddu too….

eco-friendly-ganesh, home-made-idol,

He’s smaller in size, but cuter too…

eco-friendly-ganesh, home-made-idol,home-made-ganesh,

my atta ganesh

Wanted him fresh for the next day, so I decided to chill him in the refrigerator for the night. Then I saw that ‘mooshik’ was missing……planned to do it before pooja.

Decorated him the next day….no regular items, as I couldn’t get them at the place we stay…..then i saw that mooshik was still missing.

There’s the mooshik. tea-light candle holders, ramekins came for the rescue

After the pooja…

As it is atta, he looked bloated. We actually sneaked him into our local park  where there is a pond. There were ducks in there who were happy to have him & my eco friendly idol was disposed off perfectly…..

( A proper look of Ganesh & mooshik)

And for us, that was the most best way to celebrate the festival.



  1. Hi Indu that’s really good.I came to abudhabi recently n was not aware varlskshmi varatam was coming n didn’t got dev’s idol so i made lakshmiji like this. N rom now even i will celebrate ganesh ustav same like this Thank you very much for this idea.

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  3. Balwant

    great thoughts

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