Minor Tatkaal Passport from Hyderabad :


               Last month, In the process of getting passport issued for my 1 month old baby, I did so much of research on the internet and I’m really thankful to all the bloggers who provided such important information over this.

 My post is more updated version of this particular case:

“Infant Tatkaal Passport (with Birth Certificate Correction) “

Actually, me & hubby din want to depend on anyone for this. Our Educated Egos wouldn’t allow doing that. As hubby is abroad, I’m supposed to do things here. As sonny was just 1 month, my parents were not very happy over me doing the things myself.  And doing so much research, I know I could do it, save the serpentine Q at the passport office. Was having plan –B for that. But I approached a travel agency (on compulsion) for info, of the vague info he gave, he told its imp to endorse spouse’s name, in at least 1 of the parent’s passport. As I already read the instructions on the app-form, I just ignored it. Filled up the app-form & went to the RPO a day before to know the surroundings & procedure, so as not to waste time the next day.

But at the RPO they said, about PSKs. (which I already read). Came home and read the entire website & understood that the total process has changed.

The whole thing is computerised, Thank God.

Few things…..

  •   Passport application processing should be done at PSKs (passport seva kendras)only
  • Applications should be submitted online and supporting documents should also be uploaded (for this, we should register & login into passport.gov.in)
  • Every day at 7.30 p.m. slots are opened for Day-after-tomorrow’s appointment. (Try to book slot at 7.30 p.m. dot as even a minute late, the slots are booked)
  • Print the application receipt (v imp as you need it till the end) & vroom………to PSK
  • At the PSK give biometrics supplied with documents & wait for your passport

Reach the PSKs 30 min before your slot. That’s totally fine. As you wouldn’t be allowed to stand in-line even before your time.

Now coming to the minor passport, the following is required.

  • At least one of the parents name should be endorsed in the other parents passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Address Proof
  • Copy of parent(s) passport
  • Annexure H (duly signed by both parents)(other cases for parents exist too)
  • Sworn Affidavit of the parent( if one of the parent is resident abroad, as is our case)
  • A 3.5 cm X 3.5 cm photo of the baby with a white background, if minor is less than 4 years
  • Physical presence of one of the parents passport, if you are applying for a Tatkaal for the minor

As me & hubby got our passports, before our marriage, we had to endorse spouse name in either of our pp & as he is abroad, I had to get mine done (Also mine was nearing the end of validity).

The following were the documents required for mine (parents) pp

  • My old passport
  • Address proof, if it changed
  • My 10th certificate, as I had to change my ECNR status (my old passport done when I’m minor)
  • Marriage certificate, to endorse husband’s name
  • Copy of spouse’s passport
  • Annexure I for tatkaal (it is available from the advocate who does it at the canteen, for Rs 200. Matter of 5 minutes)

Process Inside PSK:

Once your slot starts, you are sent inside, after a brief security check. Inside, there’s a front desk, which would check & take the documents & issue the token. There’s a separate line one each for tatkaal & minors (same for Sr citizens). I should say, here, that the staff is very helpful.

The documents along with a token are returned (takes 5-10 min extra, if for tatkaal). Inside there are Zone A, B & C. Zone A, is where the documents are verified again & accepted, biometrics (only fingerprints) & photograph (if applicant is more than 4 yrs old, they will take photo onstantly) are taken, fees to be paid. Then go to Zone B. here there’s lot much waiting time. Almost 1 to 2 hr. I had to wait for 1 hr., as mine is tatkaal. Finally when the turn comes, go to B, where 2nd verification of what is done at A, is done. B to C is done instantly. From there directed to the exit, where the Acknowledgement is given.

Tra la……..it’s done.

a rough view of the process at PSK, Begumpet

If all exact documents are taken, then it wouldn’t take more than 4hrs, from reporting time.

While waiting between Zone A & B, I noticed that the tokens issued started with either N, T, W, P or S. I figured out that it must be Normal, Tatkaal, Withheld, PCC & S… (No idea). I was given W, as I had to run for my 10th cert & sort my address proof & couldn’t make it in my given slot.

Things were actually not very tough as projected. While doing these things, there were some mistakes done which are mentioned here and some not mentioned. But seriously, no regrets. I learned very important lessons. And, I’m happy I did them myself. As the process is all so computerised, my request is do it yourself. A very good info if given in the web. Go thru it. And do it on your own. 😉

And yeah , I received my pp on 3rd day post-applying. pretty quick & pretty efficient. The whole experience is very good for me.

PS : Had a Birth Certificate problem for sonny’s pp. Initiated the process to correct it & waiting.



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  2. Devina

    Hi. I have a question- when you filled out the annexure I for your child, did you do it in his name or in yours? I am a minor applying for re-issue of my passport and am confused about this.

    • Hello Devina

      First of all, sorry for the late reply.

      Annexure I has to be filled out in the same person’s name for whom the passport is being applied. The attesting person may need some proofs for it.

    • wonderful information, I had come to know about your blog  from my friend nandu , hyderabad,i have read atleast 7 posts of yours by now, and let me tell you, your website gives the best and the most interesting information. This is just the kind of information that i had been looking for, i’m already your rss reader now and i would regularly watch out for the new posts, once again hats off to you! Thanks a ton once again, Regards, Tatkal Passport Hyderabad

  3. sri

    Thanks for the useful post , really appreciate you taking time to blog on this topic

    Quick query on photograph of the baby , can it be one with baby lying down and not sitting , as our lil one is just abt 4 weeks?

    • hi sri
      First of all, thanks for letting know, that it has been helpful for you. And coming to your query, since 4 week old cant sit, the one where baby is lying is fine. but on a white background, should be more appropriate. and they also mentioned that it is very important for the baby’s ears to be pictured clearly. so make sure you get them both.

  4. balaji

    Hi, Is the ‘Sworn Affidavit of the parent’ taken from india ? or did you get from abroad? please advice, i am planning to appy for change of place of birth in my daughter passport.

    • hello balaji
      If your case is similar to ours, that is one parent is resident abroad, then that parent should get the sworn affidavit from the Indian embassy. Its like you are giving your consent for your minor to get the passport.

  5. balaji

    Thank very for prompt response Indhu,
    Could you please confirm, is the form you filed?

  6. balaji

    Thanks, i will verify

  7. It is very useful information Indhu . I will definately contact u for more details somewere around Jan

  8. Hi! thanks I like your posting very much and find new posts like this learn it

  9. Raghav

    Hi Indhu,

    Your post is useful, I am in abroad and want my wife to apply as in your case in hyd. 2 Questions.
    1. Was the •Annexure H signed by only you as your husband is abroad.
    2. Address proof of mother is needed , as I am abroad and also the passport of mother alone is not enough as address proof.


    • hello Raghav
      thanks for letting know that the post has been useful. Coming to the queries……Annex-H should be signed by both parents. It is better if you get the printout and sign and send to your wife.(Anyhow you need to send the sworn affidavit too). Coming to address proof, either wife’s or yours should be fine enough………(but, make sure one of your name has been endorsed in others passport in the spouse status)

  10. Rajanikanth

    Hi Indhu,

    Your posting is very useful, thank you and I appreciate for the time you spend in clarifying the doubts..,

    • thanks for letting me know rajanikanth. When I was applying I searched many blogs, which were helpful for me. So I thought my experience would help others.

  11. Shachi

    Hi Indhu,
    Very helpful blog, i would like to know if you actually took the baby to the PSK or only you had to go with the docs and photo as my baby is about 4 months and taking to the PSK, i’m li’ll worried. I’m also applying in Tatkal so is there a seperate token Q for Minors Tatkal Passport?

    • hi….thankyu for letting me know. Apologise for the late reply. You should take your baby. Its just for them to confirm. Don worry bout the baby. You always let them know you have a baby and they will priortise you or atleast make you comfortable, where possible. Sonny was 2 months when we did it. They have seperate baby room…..in case you want to breast-feed the baby. Yep there’s a special line for tatkal (same for minors & elders).
      All the best and go ahead. Remember, the ontdesk is maintained by pvt org, So u can demand your comfort. 😉

  12. Asha

    Hi Indhu,

    I am applying TATKAL passport for my 10 mnths old. Do i need to submit Annexure I along with DOB proof,Address proof,Annexure H and my passport.
    Had this question because Document Advisor in the site does not mention it.

    Thank you,

    • hello asha
      It is not required. But the staff asks some other docs which doc-advisor didnt mention (In my case). So took Annex-I for sonny too, to avoid any possible delay. But that was not needed.

  13. Kamaljit

    I am applying TATKAL passport for my 1 month old son. Do I need Annexure – F i.e. Verification Certificate for my son? As I understand, annexure -F is required for all TATKAL applications. Please advise and correct me if wrong.
    Many Thanks
    Kamaljit Bindra

    • hello kamaljit,..it is not required for minors. But just ask at the frontdesk to be on safer side

    • Tanuj Sood

      Hello Kamaljit

      Please could you tell me if Annexure – F was required in your case when you were filing application under tatkaal scheme for your one month old son.


      Tanuj Sood

      • priyanka

        Hi Tanuj/Kamaljit
        Please tell me if you needed Annexure-F while applying for your kid’s passport under tatkaal scheme.


  14. Murali

    hi Indhu,
    I want to apply pasport for my 1year kid and father does not have passport only mother has a passport,which mother got passport before marriage what documents do i need exactly for the whle process can u let me know..

    • hello murali
      it is mandatory that atleast one of the parent should have the spouse name endorsed.Since your wife ma not have your name on hers…It would work if she getsa re-issual of passport with ur name endorsed or even better if you get a passport for urself with her name on it. I have given the documents list for my case in the post. Pls take the guidelines and check in the govtsite for details.

  15. Sneha

    Hi,very good information.
    Actually my case is similar to you but the only difference is I applied for normal passport fior my 4 month old daughter in November(Pune PSK).So from last two n half month it is showing the same application status(Pending for physical verification in respected thana).but the thing is that evrything is done,even the respected police told me that the documents are in pune now,which they send it after the verification.
    So my husband is coming to India now.will it possible to transfer my daughters application from normal to tatkal.If both the parents are present together do we need to go thro’ all the procedure again or just pay the tatkal fee n wait for passport.Or do we need to go to PSK again for applying tatkal for my daughter? If it’s so what’s the precedure?
    Sorry for lenghthy comment,but very much confused?
    Tnx in advance.

  16. Hello sneha….
    Thanks for the comment. I heard that it doesnt take that much time even for normal application. And I don think that you can apply again when already one is done. But even Im not v sure bout it. It is better to call the toll free number listed in their website and clear your doubts.
    and do come back and let us know bout the action taken as it may help anyone else with a similar case.

    • Hello Sneha,
      Thanks for the comment. I heard that it doesnt take that much time even for normal application. And I don think that you can apply again when already one is done. But even Im not v sure bout it. It is better to call the toll free number listed in their website and clear your doubts.and do come back and let us know bout the action taken as it may help anyone else with a similar case.

  17. Sneha

    Tnx for your reply.
    I did enquiry with call center guys,they said I can’t change my daughters application from normal to tatkal as already one in progress.They told me to call Pune RPO but sadly nobody received my calls.then again I called PSK they said that I have to go to Pune RPO to do further enquiries wid my 6 month old daughter. And the timings are 10 am to 12.30 pm three times in a week.so need to travel 5 hours now.waiting eagerly for passport so me and shrestha(my daughter) can join my Hubby in Singapore.
    Will let u know abt the progress.

  18. Fatima

    Going for my yu’s pp tomorrow,it’s tatkal.I’m doing it myself.got her birth certificate from ghmc after 7 trips to office.
    Hubby not here and no spouse name on either of our passport.after reading ur blog I m struck now.

  19. Fatima

    Whats the process for endorsing spouse name

  20. naveen

    Very helpfull stuff Indu…kudos…..

  21. Vijay


    I have a passport with my wife’s name and have Bangalore address. My wife’s passport has Hyderabad address but doesn’t have my name in her passport. Recently, we had a daughter who is born in Hyderabad and both my wife and kid are not in a position to travel to Bangalore. Can we apply for my daughter’s passport from Hyderabad PSK? can we show address as my wife’s address? Please advise


    • hello vijay
      technically that shudnt have problem. apply with your passport as it bears the spouse name. ur passport wud b the base passport here. and adress proof could be that too.

  22. Sreenath


    Do we need to book slot for infant aged 7 months or we can directly walk to the PSK and apply for passport of Infant children.


  23. abdu rasak

    pls mention the fees structure also with this great information and thanks for u..

  24. Hi,
    I’m applying tatkaal passport for my kid (less than a month old). Do I have to take my kid to the PSK, he is in home town?

  25. Rohit

    Did you filled two different application online and took only one appointment as you mentioned you also applied for Spouse endorsement on the same day ?

    • hi Rohit
      Sorry for the very late reply. No. After knowing that I had to endorse spouse’s name on it, I took that appointment for my passport and once I received my passport, applied a different appointment for my son.

  26. manoj

    hey indu,

    indeed helpful info. thanks a lot.

    have a question: i m going to apply passport for my 3 weeks baby. will she be ECR or non-ECR ?

  27. kiran

    S stands for special. I think it’s issued for minors and senior citizens

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