Name Correction in Birth Certificate

For my baby’s tatkaal

Among the documents required for sonny’s pp, one is birth certificate issued by registrar. Though I submitted the app form given from hospital to the MCH, it didn’t reflect in the online so I couldn’t apply for the BC at the e-seva. Even after 1 month or so there was no change. So I took a manual BC from the MCH (though the person who issued it was quite very sceptical whether it would be accepted. I din understand it then). At the PSK, they rejected it for 2 reasons.

  1. My husband’s last name wasn’t printed (our mistake, while registering)
  2. The BC was issued by Sub-Registrar & not the Registrar.

Hmph………had to book another slot for my baby & before that should get his BC corrected.

Went to the MCH & enquired.

For name correction:

  • Original BC
  • Application form for name change, duly signed by 2 gazetted officers
  • 3 supporting document proofs for the name. (Here, my husband. Gave his passport copy, PAN, marriage certificate)
  • A notary also signed by the person whose name is to be changed.

For 2nd, certificate collected from e-seva is enough, as it is registrar issued.

I applied. Was informed it would take 10 min working days. Actually, each person said 3 different times. Fingers crossed.




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  2. ravinder

    When did you get it finally

  3. Fatima

    Hi,there is a more simple method to(getting data online)
    Go to the local municipal office and submit an no data form along with the copy of original bc.but this time fill the form with full detail.
    Wait for a week or two to apeare online.
    Can search our detail at ghmc site under enquiry tab.

  4. niru

    i want to change my baby name…. she is 6 month old… and her birth certificate i have

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