Aubergine Roundels

Hot Aubergine Roundels

What :

  •  Aubergine – 1
  • Oil
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Red Chilli Powder / Paprika

How :

–    Cut the aubergine into thin discs of 1cm (roughly).

–    In a pan, pour water, (enough to cover the bases of the aubergine discs) add salt enough for 5-6 pieces.

–    Arrange the discs, in a single layer & cook it. After a minute, flip it. & cook. ( takes 2 minutes to cook on both the sides)

–    Once the aubergines are cooked, the pan beccomes dry.

–    Now,drizzle oil & sprinkle chilli powder on one side & flip it. cook for 30 secs.Repeat on the other side.

–    Repeat the whole for the next batch.

*    Cut the discs for each batch freshly, this would help in avoiding the coloring of aubergines.

*    This aubergine roundels would be perfect with rice.


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