Vegetable Rice Noodle Soup

What :

  •    Flat Rice Noodles
  •    Broccoli – 1 small
  •    Carrot – 1 medium
  •    Pak Choy – 2
  •    Mushrooms  – 150 gms
  •    Vegetable Stock Cube / Veg Broth- 1
  •    Pepper Powder
  •    Red Chilli FLakes
  •    Soy Sauce
  •    Ajinomoto
  •    Sesame Oil – 1 tsp
  •    Salt


–    Cook the Rice Noodles as per the given instructions.

–    Separately, bring water to boil. Add the veg broth cube, soy sauce, salt, pepper powder, chilli flakes, ajinomoto, sesame oil & give a nice stir.

–    To the above, add all the vegetables & give them a boil & cook till the vegetables, are cooked enough & retain their crunch.

–    Check & adjust the seasoning of this vegetable soup.

–    In a bowl, put the noodles & pour the vegetable soup over it & serve.

** Do not cook anything of this ahead of time, as the veggies may get overcooked.



  1. Komali

    Looks good

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