Saucy Egg Kurma In a Rich Cashew Coconut Base

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Eggs always make me smile; They always make me want them; In fact boiled egg is my staple food; I have it everyday. If i don see Mr.Egg in my plate for 2 days, then I start missing him. Mr Egg makes my meal complete, perfect & pleasant.

Egg in any form is acceptable for me. But, I love Them in their boiled form.

I’m making my 7 month old also a li’l egg eater like me. Since he’s 6 months, I started out with boiled yolk.  Hubby is ok-with-egg’ kinds. He isn’t nuts over eggs.

I was wondering out what to make out of egg, for lunch, than those regular-home-recipes. I stumbled upon this recipe at divya’s place . I took the recipe as it is. No tweaking. But the ingredients were as usual, eye-ball-measured.


egg kurma

boiled eggs in aromatic cashew – coconut gravy


What :

  •   5 Eggs
  •   1 big Onion
  •   Coriander Leaves

To Grind :

  •     1 cup Cashew Nuts
  •     3/4 th cup grated Coconut
  •     1/2 cup Poppy Seeds (white)
  •     5 -6  Green chillies
  •     6 Garlic cloves
  •     1 inch Ginger piece
  •     1 small Bay Leaf
  •     1 inch Cinnamon stick
  •     3 Cloves
  •     2 Cardamoms


How :

–     Boil the eggs. Shell them out. Slit them all over for the flavors to seep in.

–     Heat oil & saute the thinly cut onions. Add salt, turmeric powder at this stage.

–     Meanwhile grind all the ingredients under the ‘To Grind’ list, adding little water at a time.

–     Once the onions are done, add the ground mixture & cook till it looses the raw flavor.

–     Pour water for required consistency. Put the slit eggs & mix well.

–     Let it simmer for about 10 minutes.

–     Check & adjust seasoning. Garnish with coriander leaves.



** Tastes good with rice. Heavenly with breads & paratas.




  1. Very interesting, sounds great !

  2. Komali

    It might be sweet right….

    • nope…..i don make sweet curries. and because of the green chillies which we add while grinding its not sweet. and u can always use pepper powder, so that the color wouldnt change

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