Happy Dischi Volanti in Silky Ricotta Sauce With Nuts

I feel the title is very positive & healthy one. ;-).

Living in London,one thing which I’m extremely happy bout is a new food world that I have been introduced into. This might be one good reason for which I would love to move to any place on Earth; Hmm….Ahem…. I’m not much into non vegetarian, though. Pasta is one such thing. Only when I thought I had all different shapes, then I would spot some funny shape in the shop, which I had to buy. Dischi Volanti is one such pasta shape. They look very happy, with that round shape and a hole in between & the swirl in them makes one feel that they are smiling, pleasantly.

Also my ‘cheese Tolerance level has increased. As an average Indian, we don have so much of cheese selections back home. Last year, when I was not able to have cheese but now, I’m having it as a main ingredient and I’m loving it.

This dish is such a comfort meal with the grainy texture of ground almonds, silky cream, crunch from the pine nuts, flavor of parsley, the bite of ricotta & not to forget the smiling DVs which make your tummy feel happy. Though the measurements are eye-balled & done to my taste, everything has been balanced well.

dishi_volanti pasta

lovely dishi volanti swirls in ricotta sauce to tickle your taste buds



What :

  •     Dischi Volanti (or any other pasta shape) – 150 gm
  •     Butter – 1 tbsp
  •     Parsley (finely chopped) – 1.5 tbsp
  •     Almonds – 1 cup
  •     Ricotta Cheese –  2 or 3 tbsp
  •     Veg Stock / cube -1
  •     Olive Oil – 2 tbsp
  •     Single Cream – 1 cup
  •     Pine Nuts – 1 tbsp
  •     Pepper Powder
  •     Salt
  •     Red Chilli Flakes
  •    Crushed Pepper


How :

–     Cook the pasta, as per the instructions.

–     While the pasta cooks, ground the almonds into fine powder. Prepare the veg stock using the cube.

–     In a bowl, add the ground almonds, crumbled ricotta. Mix well. Add the olive oil, cream and veg stock one after the other & give a nice whisk. Season it as required.

–     Once the pasta is drained, add butter, finely chopped parsley and toss well.

–     Now add the prepared ricotta sauce into the pasta & mix well.

–     Add the pine nuts & Serve immediately

**   As must have noticed, here nothing is going on to the stove, except the pasta for cooking. So serve  immediately.

**   I had the leftovers for breakfast next day, every bit was tasty, as all the ingredients have blended nicely.

**   As I love to have my dishes reasonably hot I add all such ingredients which are optional.




  1. Komali

    Looks good..

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