Quick Prawn Chutney or Spread

prawn spread

king prawns in hot n spicy coconut base



I know nothing beats the fresh things. To be more precise, fresh food. But having frozen food is not a very bad idea too. I understood the uses of frozen foods once i started cooking. I always make sure that my freezer has always these stuffs frozen : Prawns, Shrimps, Peas, Sweet Corn, Paneer, Paratas, Scraped coconut;

They prove their worth, when I don have anything else to cook with or only when I want to eat something in particular or when I’m not in a mood to cook or Im in a mood for salad or When I want to make quick chutneys or When I need something in addition to. Very helpful inst it ? Now a days I cook the peas or any kind of dried legumes before hand and freeze them; When required (or not required), open your freezer, grab few of those things u wanted and put them in the dish. Thats how easy it is.

So, on one such lazy evening, where I din want to cook anything routine, I just recollected the things at hand : Prawns, coconut from the freezer, ground almond from the previous Dishi Volanti Pasta. I thought of a quick recipe and done it. Since these prawns had the tails on, I thought of serving with rice (lazy enough to remove them). And when we went to the groceries, i found Warburtons Square Wraps which was irresistible and husband declared that he’s gonna have the prawns with them (Yep, I cleaned the tails now).

The Dish turned out to be fantastic. A must try. I delayed this post, as I was wondering about the name of this curry. I just managed to have a couple of pics;  Its true…!!! 2 Hungry souls and a baby who wants mumma to put them into sleep at this critical moment cannot fare much.

This prawn chutney rolled in those squares were the perfect heart-filling-experience. can also be tried with tortilla, chapati, roti or plain rice.


prawn chutney

prawn chutney rolled in a square wrap


What :

  •     King Prawns – 400 gms
  •     Onion – 2 medium
  •     Tomato – 2 Large (1.5 for saute and half for grinding)
  •     Almonds – 1 tbsp
  •    Ginger paste
  •    Garlic Paste
  •    Salt
  •    Red Chilli Powder
  •    Lemon Salt / lemon juice
  •    Oil
  •    Garam Masala – 1 tsp
  •    Coriander Powder – 2 tsp

To Grind :

  • Cinnamon – 1/2 inch
  • Curry Leaves – 2 shrigs
  • Green chilies – 5
  • Marinated Prawns – 2
  • Tomato – 1/2
  • Coconut Shredded – 2 tbsp


How :

–      Marinate the prawns with red chilli powder, lemon salt & salt for 30 min. (Without marination also fine)

–     Cut the onions & tomatoes (1 and half. remaining half for grinding) into the thinnest & smallest possible. Required for the Spread like texture. ( I used my V-Slicer here.)

–     Heat oil, add the onions n a bit salt. let it cook. Add Garlic paste, ginger paste and saute for a minute

–     Now add the tomatoes, red chilli powder, garam masala, coriander powder and allow to cook

–     Meanwhile, in the grind 2 -3 prawns, green chillies, cinnamon, coconut, tomato piece to a rough paste, without water.

–     Now into the pan, add this paste, prawns & almond powder & mix well.

–     Allow to cook slowly, stirring in between untill the water from the prawns evaporates totally and a chutney kind of texture remains.

–     Check & adjust the seasoning.


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