Chikkudu Aloo Tomato

                Chikkudu Aloo Tomato. Definitely a silly name for a great food. But I don want to name it anything else.

Thats how hubby calls it. A very humble recipe, actually. But the taste is not to be under-estimated. Which I did. Though he was asking bout this since I started cooking, a year back, I never tried it. ‘cos I was quite skeptical about it, as it was too simple to be special. But when during the lunch time, stomach started its rumblings, sonny on my back, n without  hubby who can hold back sonny from me, I had no much options. I planned to have it in the most simple way, with a chapathi.

Time and again, its proved……!!!  “The best things of life are the most humble ones too”. I started out saying to myself,   today’s lunch is gone. But, the 1st bite proved me so wrong…..I relished my lunch till the last bite. And I eagerly waited for the dinner time, when hubby can have this. Yep its a hit. Such an easy recipe. The only & little difficulty is in chopping the beans.


chikkudu aloo tomato

the humble cluster-bean with potatoes n tomatoes


What :

  •     1/2 kg Cluster Beans or Chikkudu kaaya
  •     2 medium Potatoes
  •     2 medium Tomatoes
  •     1 big Onion
  •     2 tsp Coriander Powder
  •     2 tsp Red Chilli Powder
  •     Salt
  •     Oil

     For Tempering :

  •     1 tsp Mustard
  •     1 tsp Cumin


How :

–     Cut the cluster beans into 1/2 inch pieces. Chop the onions. Dice the potatoes & Tomatoes, separately.

–     Heat oil, add the tempering ingredients.

–     Add chopped onions, a bit of salt and cook till done.

–     Add potatoes & cluster beans pieces, & little more of salt.

–     One the beans & potatoes are 75% cooked (which you will know), add the tomatoes, red chilli & coriander powder. Give a nice mix.

–     Cook till tomatoes are mushy, adjust the seasonings as required.



**     Good with roti, chapathi, plain rice as filling for pita bread. for sandwiches, too.



  1. Never heard of cluster beans … that looks good!

  2. yup, first time to hear about cluster beans too… uhhhmmm, what could be a good sub here in US 🙂 any idea?

    • hello prem,
      you could substitute cluster beans with normal beans or any kind of bean variety. or checkout in any indian grocery, if possible. chances are you may get it.

  3. Manju

    Though this is a common dish prepared by my mom n MIL, I never tried… Was motivated after seeing ur post, tried it today with Indian Beans and it came out well… Thank you very much for the recipe… Will look forward for more recipes of this sort…

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