Mamidi Pulihora a.k.a. Tangy Mango Rice


Unhappy when hubby asked me to do this. Skeptical while starting. Careful while doing. Happy and proud, tasting the final product. Hmm………Well so many emotions surrounding a single dish. But the one that will be finally with me is confidence, for the next time. Confident for every other time to come.

My many trials of Lemon Rice, Pulihora (will be posted when perfected) had always been unsuccessful. So when today hubby wanted this I okayed-halfheartedly. Just checked out few doubts with mom and did the rest of the cooking in my own style. It worked. I’m glad I did it. Hubby said he was glad he asked. Cos he rarely asks. When he asks, he asks for the most simplest and basic recipes. But I successfully manage to bungle them every time.


Mango rice, mango pulihora

Tangy Mango Rice aka Mango Pulihora


What :

  •      2 cups Basmati Rice / Long grain Rice
  •      1 Medium Raw Mango
  •      2 tbsp Cashews
  •      2 tbsp Peanuts
  •      1/2 tsp Turmeric Powder
  •      4-5 Green chillies
  •      Salt
  •      Coriander Leaves to garnish

To Temper

  •      1 tsp Mustard
  •      1 tsp Cumin
  •      3 Red chillies
  •      10 Curry Leaves



–       Wash and cook the rice.

–       Meanwhile, grate the raw mango avoiding its kernel.

–       Once the rice is cooked, put this grated mango on the hot rice and cover it with a layer of the rice, in the same vessel in which the rice is cooked. The hot cooked rice ensures that the mango is cooked perfectly. Not over-cooked or undercooked.

–       Heat a pan, add the cashew nuts and roast till golden. Once done, take them on to the plate and add peanuts. (can be dry roasted or 1 tsp oil can be used)

–      Take the peanuts onto the plate, once done.

–      In the same pan, heat the oil, and temper the given ingredients (in the to temper list.) . Slit the green chillies and add along with the turmeric powder, to remove its raw flavor. Saute well.

–       Once the green chillies are slightly browned, put off the stove.

–      Add the rice-mango mixture. Put some salt. With a fork, gently, mix everything in the pan. Care to be taken, as not to break the rice.

–      Check and adjust the seasonings. Garnish with coriander leaves and serve.

**           Make sure the rice grains are separated. That just enhances the beauty of the dish.

**           Chana dal also can be added while tempering.



  1. Super nice… I am bookmarking this recipe 🙂

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