Conchiglie with Aubergines in Tomato Sauce

Hmm…..wondering what I could have for dinner, I remembered those lovely slim brinjals ( oriental aubergines /  Chinese brinjals) which I had bought few days back for any Indian recipe in mind. (I can’t resist fresh brinjals, in any size and shape). Well, I thought I will have dinner with pasta and aubergines in a tomato base, to give the extra taste I needed. I actually wanted to cook spaghetti, but I had enough only for one; So I opted for Conchiglie.

Husband came and asked what the dinner is. When I laid out my plan before him. He said ….”….Don’t you think it’s a bit weird….???” I said “No….Its mouthwatering….”. Well, I started the preparation. Having a Four Hob stove, really helps in this kind of food. Parallel Cooking. Pasta-cooking on 1, brinjal-sauteing on 2, Tomato-sauce on 3. When everything is done, Just put all in the tomato base. Thats it.

Well….as sonny’s sleep came in between, I asked hungry-husband to have his dinner,  while I put him to sleep.  When I’m done with sonny and saw hubby’s plate with a small share, I felt disappointed, and asked “why don you take some more”…..He replied with a big grin…..”Oh…this is the 2nd round.”……I knew I made a superb dinner.

When it comes to eating, hubby is neither fussy nor adventurous. Given a choice, he sticks to his favorite food. And, given no choice, he eats whatever I cook. So when he appreciates something I made, I know I have passed.


aubergine pasta

aubergine & pasta in a simple tangy tomato sauce




  •      2 cups Conchiglie or any pasta shape
  •      3-4 Slim Brinjals / Aubergines (any kind is fine, seedless, is better)
  •      3 Large Tomatoes
  •      4 Garlic pods
  •      1 tsp dried Basil (Fresh is better)
  •      1 tsp Mixed Herbs (Optional)
  •      Cheese (to sprinkle on top) (Optional)
  •      Salt
  •      Red Chilli Powder
  •      Olive oil


How :

–      Cook the pasta, according to the directions

–      Meanwhile, cut the brinjals into bite-sized pieces,.

–      Heat oil in a pan, add the brinjals, with little bit salt and half the chilli powder and saute every now and then.

–      In another pan, heat oil, add the slivered garlic pods, once browned, add the thinly cut tomatoes, salt, chilli powder close the lid and cook.  (closing the lid is very important, as it doesn’t allow the tomato juices to evaporate)

–      If brinjals are cooked (don make it mushy) take into a plate. A nice aroma of sautéed brinjal and chilli powder comes, which cannot be unnoticed.

–      Cook the tomatoes till, nice and juicy. Add basil and mixed herbs. Add little water if required.

–      Once the sauce is ready ( a thick ketchup consistency), check and adjust the seasonings.

–      Add the pasta and brinjals into the tomato sauce and give a good mix.

–      Sprinkle the cheese and serve.



**        I liked it without cheese; Next time, I will omit it.




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