Aubergine Pâté


The other day, I was wondering what to have for dinner, for me; Yep, just for me. I prefer not to have rice at night. I cook our breakfast, lunch and dinner. I cook 3 times a day; I cook my baby’s solid food too; I prefer it this way; I enjoy it this way. This wouldn’t mean that I spend my entire time in kitchen; During the working days…..I make very quick meals; On weekends I try to make bit elaborate recipes.

Also, Lunch would always be rice. Dinner would always be non-rice; We prefer it that way; My husband is much more compromising in this schedule. So the other day, I was thinking what to prepare for myself for dinner; I remembered a recipe with aubergine in a cook-book; A simple and quick and no-efforts one; I zeroed on it;




What :

  •      1 medium Aubergine
  •      4-5 Garlic Cloves
  •      1 tsp Lemon Juice
  •      2 tbsp Olive Oil
  •      Salt
  •      Pepper


How :

–      Wash the aubergine, pat dry; Using a fork, pierce the aubergine here and there (optional, but recommended)

–      Microwave it, for 10 minutes, till they soften up.

–      Once cooled, using a knife, remove the skin carefully;

–      Mash this flesh of aubergine with a fork to form a coarse paste. (As I did a bad work at this, I used a blender for this)

–      Chop the garlic.

–      Put, salt, pepper, garlic, lemon juice and mix well.

–      Pour the olive oil into this mixture slowly and mix, till desired consistency is reached.

–      Check and adjust the seasoning.

–      Serve with bread.


** Next time, I would make it a point to chop the garlics more finely.

**  As this is the 1st time I’m having this, I added the ingredients based upon my taste;



  1. Komali

    We call it as Vankaya bajji… Came to know .. it can be eaten with bread also….

    • Yeah thats true. There is a Mediterranean dish called ‘baba ghnoush’. which is also same. only the dressing ingredients change and you get totally different dish.
      Infact I love vankaya pachadi, with chapathi.

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