Jeera Rice – Restaurant Style

When M asked me to prepare Chana Masala for his lunch, my 1st expression is….Sigh…..!!! I like Chana Masala with only roti. But M likes with rice too and it’s always on his menu when he cooks. So I quickly decided I will do Jeera rice. Actually there are two versions that I do. One is Jeera Pulao & this Jeera Rice.

Actually there is one restaurant (Paradise, Hyderabad) whose Jeera rice, I just love. It’s always fluffy, flavourful & yummy. I used to prepare Jeera Pulao always, though not very satisfied. Only few months back I had that Jeera Rice and I tried it this version. Though I’m not sure whether the recipe is same, but the outcome is the same. I’m very happy with this trial.

So when you really don have time to prepare a special rice, then go for this. You end up spending maximum of two minutes and come out with such a simple and superb rice.

jeera rice, zeera rice, cumin flavored rice

Preparation time : 3 min
Cooking time (including time to cook Rice) : 15 min
Serve with : Any spicy masala gravies veg or non-veg
Serves : 2-3

What :

  •      2 cups Basmati Rice / Long Grain Rice
  •      1 tbsp Shahjeera (Black Cumin Seeds) / Cumin Seeds
  •      2 tsp Cumin Powder
  •      1 Bay Leaf
  •      1 inch Cinnamon
  •      2-3 Cloves
  •      Salt
  •      1 tbsp Oil

How :

–       Wash and soak the rice for 30 min; ( Can skip the soaking part, if time is constrained. But recommended )

–       Cook the rice. Once cooked, spread it on a plate in a thin layer. ( this helps in having each grain separately)

–       Heat oil, in a small pan, add the bayleaf, cloves, cinnamon. Once the aroma comes, add the shahjeera/cumin seeds. When they start to brown add the cumin powder and take the pan of the heat. Quickly add this into a bowl, put the cooled rice, salt to taste and mix well carefully, so as not to break the rice.

–       Check and adjust the seasoning. Serve hot.

Tips & Notes :

**             Roasted cashewnuts can also be added, if desired.

**             ShahJeera works best with this, though you can substitute it with cumin seeds.


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