Brown Lentils, Pasta and Egg-Drop Soup


When winter sets in invading the lights of our day pushing everyone into a lazy-mod…….hmm….How sad it is. I like Indian climate. Everything is bearable there. No extremes. Well here, I like snowfall most bout the winter. Waiting for this year’s, where may be I make the snow-man as daddy-sonny duo watch me.

Hmm……winters are excuse to make soups. Hot n light n easy n healthy n tasty too. 5 Good reasons I can make out. With  the following recipe we started our soupy meals. Dinner time always clashes with sonny’s sleeping time. Though M takes care of it, sonny needs my finishing touch. So I put the pasta & everything and allowed it to simmer and went to put sonny to sleep By the time I returned there was very little stock in the soup. I din mind it. I din feel like repairing it. So it was a little less watery. But all the more good too.

Soup bowl warms the palms where as the contents warm up the body It was nice and good….!!!!!!!


brown lentils soup, pasta soup, egg drop soup, brown lentils and pasta

Preparation time : 5 min
Cooking time : 20 min
Serve with : any Crusty Bread etc
Serves : 2


What :

  •       1 cup Brown Lentils
  •       1 cup Conchigliette /any Soup Pasta
  •       1 medium Onion
  •       1 medium Carrot
  •       3 Garlic Cloves
  •       2 Eggs
  •       1 Veg Stock Cube
  •       1 tbsp Butter
  •       Salt
  •      Crushed Pepper
  •      chopped Coriander Stems (to garnish)


How :

–        Pressure cook the brown lentils with some salt and enough water. Once cooked drain the lentils and reserve the water.

–        In the same cooker, heat the butter and to it add the chopped garlic cloves, onion and carrot together. When cooked, add the pasta, stir for a minute and then add some water. Add salt, cooked lentils, veg stock cube, reserved lentil-cooked-water and allow it to simmer for 10-12 mins. Add more water if required

–        Meanwhile beat the eggs, add salt. When the pasta is cooked al-dente then pour the beaten egg with a spoon and let simmer for 2 -3 minutes. Check & adjust the seasoning

–       Serve it into warmed soup bowls; Dab it with some crushed peppercorn and some chopped coriander stems & serve hot.


Tips & Notes :

**       If you don get soup pasta, then use break spaghetti into bits and use.

**       Instead of eggs, chicken can also be used. In case using, cook it along with onions & carrots.

**      Add more water as required. Any other vegetables can also be used.

**     Canned brown lentils can also be used, then skip step one.



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