Sundried Tomato and Walnut Pesto

A Pesto……..Finally…….!!!!!

It’s almost a year since I started reading bout pesto, and finally done it. I had no doubt bout the taste though. The ingredients that went into it was good. I remember buying a ready-made basil-pesto. It wasn’t good. Still my faith never faded. It’s basically a sauce kinda-ting that can be used in Italian preps most. although there are innumerable combinations, I understood that there are few things (nuts, cheese, garlic, herb, olive oil). Permutations & Combinations………Wow……..!!!!!!!

I brought a jar of  sun-dried tomato which was infused with thyme. The flavour was so tempting. The final product was almost 2 cups. I used it for  pasta, chicken, sandwich. Good way of pepping up the food.

Doesn’t the pic say it all ????

tomato walnut pesto

Preparation time : 4 min
Cooking time : 2 min 
Yield : 2 cups

What :

  •      1 cup Sun-dried Tomatoes (oil drained)
  •      1/2 cup Walnuts
  •      4 Garlic Pods
  •      fistful Parsley
  •      2/3 cup grated Mozzarella
  •      3 tbsp Oil (oil of the tomatoes) / Olive Oil

How :

–       In a pan dry roast the walnuts for 3-4 min.

–       Peel the garlic. Add all ingredients into a food processor and grind till a smooth paste is formed.

Note :

**        Any ingredient could be used according to taste. I din want parsley to overpower my pesto. So I used it moderately.

**        If stored in refrigerator and used carefully could keep it for a week.

**        Everything together will have  salt in a small amount. So add salt while adding to any dish as required.

Dishes in which I used this pesto :

Riccoli with Mushrooms & STW Pesto

Pesto & Cheese Sandwich

Pesto Grilled Chicken



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