Riccoli with Mushrooms and Sun-dried Tomatoes & Walnut Pesto

2 things bout this pasta. One is that it is quick, effortless and tasty. Two……A sweet memory associated with it. Recipe given shows how easy and effortless it is o prepare the pasta.

Regarding the memory….Sonny n we 2 have our dinner at he same time. Around 8 pm. Sonny’s dinner was rice, dal n chicken mashed. Ours is this pasta. While his food was being mashed, I gave him this pasta ( to soothe his hunger pangs…) he liked it 7 wanted more…..I gave him more. Later when I gave him his usual food…..he spat it out. Gave it again and he spat…..!!!! I gave the pasta and he was happy again………!!!! Oh baby…!!! I felt happy. His tiny lot taste buds wants new tastes. So, good that the pasta was a li’l overcooked than al-dente.
Now drooling over the pic……I move to the next part


Preparation time : 3 min
Cooking time : 5 min 
Serves : 3


What :

  •      200 gm Baby Button Mushrooms
  •      Riccoli or any pasta shape ( for 2 )
  •      3 tbsp Sun-dried Tomato & Walnut Pesto
  •      Salt
  •      Oil


How :

–       Cook the pasta as per instructions.

–       Meanwhile, heat oil in a pan and add the washed mushrooms and a bit of salt and saute for 3-4 minutes.

–       In a bowl add the cooked pasta, mushrooms, pesto and salt and ix well.

–       Check and adjust the seasoning and serve immediately.


Note :

**        The pesto does have salt naturally and salt is there in mushrooms. So check and add salt as required to the pasta, finally.

**        I have used the oil from the sun-dried-tomatoes jar. It was very flavorful.





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