Greek Pasta Salad

This is a quick and simple salad and the handful of pasta thrown makes it really full. It is fresh and light and perfect for the tummy. I just crumbled half the feta to scatter the goodness all around the plate.

This colorful salad could be had as a meal for one or as salad serves 2. I just bout add the rocket leaves…to give a unique flavor and taste. It just ups the taste and freshness of the salad to another level.

greek pasta salad feta

Preparation time : 10 min
Cooking time : 5 min
Serves : 2


What :

  •      handful of Orecchiette ( any other pasta shape)
  •      3/4 cup Feta Cubes
  •      2 medium Tomatoes
  •      2 tbsp pitted Olives
  •      1 small Cucumber
  •      1 small Red Onion
  •      2 tbsp Mint Leaves
  •      handful of Rocket Leaves
  •      2 tsp Lemon Juice
  •      1 tbsp Olive Oil
  •      Salt
  •      Pepper


How :

       Cook the pasta as per instructions; Strain and cool.

       Meanwhile, dice the vegetables (cucumber, onion, tomato)

       In a bowl, whisk the lemon and olive oil. To this add the pasta, vegetables, feta cheese,olives, rocket leaves, finely chopped mint leaves and mix well.

       Season with salt and pepper and serve, immediately.




Notes :

Feta can be scrambled and added….to scatter its taste throughout the salad.



  1. natali

    Hello indu

    I was looking for easy salad Receipe it all looks yummy but can you please give me some veg salad(side dishes which are healthy n can help to reduce weight thanks

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