Roasted ButternutSquash and Sage Panfried Fusilli

Some recipes go perfectly well with some vegetables. This is one such kind.

Im don like sweet vegetables much…..but that never becomes a reason for these lovely vegetables to occupy my shopping bag. Anything which looks fresh is always invited. swo when I saw this li’l small squash I immediately bought it. Usually I have it as a salad or soup. But this time I wanted to pair it with some pasta.

I was browsing for some good recipe when I saw this. Just the name and the picture was enough to convince me that this is it. As I had all the ingredients at hand….I happily did it. It was good with a good twist of sweetness.

Peeling and chopping the tough veggie was the difficult part for me. I chopped everything, popped it into the oven, set the timer to 40 minutes and rushed to a friend’s place to wish her on her birthday. Oh what a timing it was. It was just the family for the cake-cutting and we were there exactly on the right time. We came back just in time for the oven to beep. My veggies were done as required. The next step is to mix the veggies, pasta & nuts together in a pan and cooking it till the Pasta becomes crispy and browned over the edges. Thats the best part of this recipe. Enjoy It…!!!!

butternut squash pasta

Preparation time : 10 min
Cooking time : 45 min 
Serves : 2

What :

  •       Tricolor Fusilli for 2 (any other pasta shape)
  •       1 small Butternut Squash 
  •       1 medium red onion
  •       3-4 Garlic Clove
  •       Handful of Sage
  •       3 tbsp Pine nuts
  •       3 Green Chillies
  •       2 tsp Red Chilli Flakes (optional)
  •       2 tbsp grated Cheese
  •       Pepper
  •       Salt
  •       Olive Oil

How :

            Peel the B’squash, scoop the seeds and cut it into small cubes. Chop the onions, garlic. Roughly chop half the sage too. In a bowl, put the B’squash cubes, onion s, sage, salt, pepper, chilli flakes, lemon juice, a bit of olive oil and mix well. Spread it on a baking dish and roast it for 30-45 minutes.

            Meanwhile, cook the pasta as per the instructions. Once cooked, drain and keep aside.

            In a cast iron skillet or a heavy bottomed pan heat some olive oil and add the slit green chillies. Once they are browned add the roasted vegetables, pasta, pine nuts, remaining sage and give a good mix. Cook like that for 7-10 minutes  stirring now and then. Remember this cooking is just to pan fry the pasta and further caramalize the B’squash.

           Once the pasta has browned here and there, check the seasoning, take the skillet off the heat. Add the grated cheese and serve hot.

Tips & Notes :

**  Since squash has a sweet taste to it, I added lots of heat and lime juice to balance it.

** As I din have cheese handy, I used Puck – a cheese alternative. It did a really good job too.


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