Orange and Cinnamon Swirls


As I already said….I bake very rarely. But still I like doing it. Specially the aroma which fills the house when baking. After a very long time the bug bit me again…..and OMG what a day I got this I-must-do-at-any-cost feeling. The day was a happy friday (friday makes everyone happy). We were expecting our good friend who’s gonna stay for the weekend; Which meant I had to tidy up the mess done by our little one ( he has this superb ability of messing up the things which i just tidied up. He made me clean my kitchen floor 4 times on the day…..hmph….But I love the way he messes up things); clothes to be done; food to be cooked; Do a quick grocery; And…..Ahem…..bake the cookies too.

When I browsed through my cookie-book I found this recipe quite simple and had all the ingredients at hand. Thanks to the lone orange that was lying there since a week. As I went through the recipe I thought it was easy…well its definitely easy. But the rolling up part I felt is the trickiest. Hmph…….But then that’s quite easily done, once you have the parchment paper. My roll was not very even, and when I sliced them they had a shape like ‘D’. But these little swirls corrected themselves by the time they were baked. They browned a bit….but the taste was great.

Orange and Cinnamon paired up really nicely. The moment they were out off the oven sonny wanted it. ( Something bout the oven interests him. Whenever I put something in, he just stands there guarding it ) It was such a lovely sight to see him holding the cookie and feeding himself. ( he is 13 months old now). Try out this simple aromatic recipe.

Excuse the picture. This was a rough one I took. By the time I was free and wanted to take the pic, there were only 2 left. I thanked myself for taking a sample pic.



Preparation time : 30 min
Chilling time : 2 hours 
Baking Time : 15 min
Makes : 30


What :

  •      225 gm Butter, at room temperature
  •      280 gm Flour
  •      200 gm Sugar
  •      1 Egg
  •      1 orange
  •      2 tsp Cinnamon Powder
  •      pinch of Salt (optional)

How :

           Peel the rind of the orange and squeeze the juice.

           Take the butter, 140 gm sugar, orange rind into a bowl and mix well with a wooden spoon. As you mix very nicely, the butter becomes even softer and mixes well with the sugar. Into this mixture, add the egg, the juice of the orange (reserving 2 tsp of it for later) and mix well once again.

           Now sift in the dry ingredients (flour, salt and remaining 60 gm sugar) and mix until thoroughly combined. Now shape this dough into a ball, wrap in a cling film and chill for an hour.

           Spread a baking parchment and onto it unwrap the dough. Place another parchment on it and roll it out evenly into a 30 cm square. Now remove the top BP and brush the top side of the rolled dough with the reserved orange juice. Sprinkle the cinnamon powder. Now roll it up like a Swiss-roll. Wrap this roll in a clingfilm and chill for another hour.

           Preheat oven to 180C and line the baking sheet with a greaseproof paper.

           Unwrap the dough and with a sharp knife cut the roll into thin slices and place them onto the baking sheet. bake for 15 minutes or till they start to brown. Leave to cool on the baking sheet for 5 minutes. Once done cool the on the wire racks.

           Enjoy these yummy swirls.





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