A compulsive sweet for Ugadi – The Telugu New Year. At least in my home. In singular form, its ‘Bobbattu’. Sweets like these just increase the pleasure and happiness of festivals manifold.

This lovely sweet entered into my life as ‘Poleelu’. I always loved them. I then came to know that they are also called as ‘Bhakshyaalu’. But then I settled out with  its ever popular name ‘Bobbatlu’. It kinda gives a rustic feel to the dish. I never knew how it was done. But one day I made it and it came out really nice. I developed my own recipe and sticked to it.

Many do it with maida (plain flour) for the outer cover but I prefer to do it with wheat flour. Just the way our simple ol’ roti is made. And my bobbatu is a tad thicker. I mean that’s how we love it. I also add grated coconut. It feels good when the bits of coconut comes between the teeth while chewing……Yumm….!!!

And I don throw away the water drained after cooking g the dal. It is reserved and I make a ‘Rasam’ with that. If theres no time I atleast use the water to cook rice or to make dough for chapathi or wherever water is required in cooking. It’s too nutritious to throw away.

I also make a lot of this stuffing and refrigerate it and cook when required over  the next week.

bobbatlu, bhakshaalu, poleelu

Preparation time : 30 min
Cooking time : 20 min
Serve With : By itself
Makes : 12 – 15

What :

……for inner stuffing

  •      1.5 cup Chana Dal 
  •      1 cup Jaggery
  •      1 cup Coconut grated
  •      1 tsp Cinnamon
  •      1 tsp Salt (optional)

….… for outer Roti – dough

  •      2 cups Wheat Flour
  •      1 tsp Salt
  •      2 tsp Oil (optional)


How :

                   Pressure cook the chana dal until 3-4 whistles on low heat. or alternatively cook in a saucepan filled with water, till done. The dal should be cooked but still hold its shape.

                  While the dal is cooking, the outer dough has to be made. Mix the salt in the wheat flour and using water little by little make it into a soft dough. Lastly, pour the oil and knead the dough for 5 minutes. Keep it aside. It gets a resting time while the stuffing is done.

                  Drain  the dal and reserve any extra remaining water. Put the dal in a colander to ensure that the water is drained out entirely. Mash the dal well with a wooden spoon.

                 Meanwhile, In a heavy bottomed vessel, add the jaggery and a tbsp of water  (optional) to make the jaggery melt faster. Once the jaggery has melted, add the mashed chana dal and mix well.

                 After 5 minutes add in the grated coconut, cinnamon powder, salt and mix well. Stir occasionally and let it cook till the entire mixture looses any water content. This should take around 15- 20 minutes.

                The stuffing is ready when the jaggery-dal mixture comes to a scoop-able consistency. Take it off the heat.

               Take a tennis sized ball from the dough, roll it out a bit and spoon in the stuffing in the middle of it. Gather the edges of the rolled out dough over the stuffing and press them together to close. Now dust this ball using some wheat flour and roll it out to desired thickness.

                Heat the pan and put the bobbattu on it. cook on both sides for 30 secs or till brown spots start appearing in a tsp of oil. Repeat the same with the remaining dough.

                Enjoy cold or hot with a dollop of ghee on the bobbattu.



Tips & Notes :

**        Make sure the dal has got no water in it before adding it to the melted jaggery. As it would increase the time to dry up the moisture.

**        Any remaining stuffing or dough can be kept in fridge. If properly handled both stay in fridge for a week.

**        The addition of salt gives in a good taste as it perfectly balances out the sweetness of the jaggery. But its optional.

**       Mash the dal before adding it tothe melted jaggery. This is far easier method.


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