Dairy Free Strawberry Chiller

I’m not very fond of packaged juices. I just avoid them like hell. Reason…..they are tasteless and feel so artificial in the mouth. Though I prefer consuming fruits wholly, I started a liking for juices too. Only freshly squeezed. I’m seeing, understanding. using and tasting the multi-goodness that could go into the juices.  I would post on more such juices and smoothies over here.

Though I prefer to have strawberries all by itself…..I ended up owning a whole lot of very sour s’berries. So I ended up juicing them with bananas and some leftover silken tofu………hence it became ‘Dairy-free’. I had only 1 banana so I used some honey to balance the sourness. You can use more sweet fruits as an alternative to honey.




Preparation time : 10 min
Serve With : By itself
Makes : 0.5 Lt


What :

  •       150 gm Strawberries
  •       1 big Banana
  •       1/2 cup Silken Tofu
  •       1-2 tbsp Honey

How :

           Wash and hull the strawberries. Pat dry. If they are big, roughly chop them.

           Chop the bananas, and the silken tofu into cubes.

           Put everything in a juicer along with honey and blend well. The thickness should be between that of a smoothie and juice. Check the sweetness and serve.

Tips & Notes :

**       Sugar can be used instead of honey

**       If sugar or honey is not desired then add more bananas or apples or any dried sweet berries.

**       Make sure to put the tofu in fridge for an hour or just add 2 ice cubes……to have a chilled drink.


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