Dryfruits Burfi Rolls

I just discovered that there has been no sweets section in my space till now. Very unusual for a sweet tooth like me. I planned to make dry fruit laddu since a long, but various factors didn’t allow me to do it. One being that I can’t do very good spheres a.k.a laddus. So with a second kid, in line,  I wanted to make a healthy sweet and I stumbled upon this recipe, over here. This is pretty quick and fast and depends the dependency for me.


Dryfruit Burfi Rolls



I dint alter this much but just added a couple of ingredients more. And the final khus-khus/poppy seed coating is very apt for me. The slight bitterness and nutty flavour of the poppy just balanced the sweetness. This is a very healthy sweet with no extra sweeteners. Recommended for everyone…but specially for Pregnant women, Breastfeeding moms and kids.


Preparation time :  5 min
Cooking time : 20 min
Shelf Life : More than a month if boxed properly and refrigerated


What :

  •     1 Cup Seedless Dates
  •     1 Cup Dried Figs
  •     1/2 Cup Raisins
  •     1 Cup Assorted Nuts ( Walnuts, Cashew nuts, Almonds, Pistachios)
  •     2 tbsp Khus-Khus/ Poppy seeds
  •     2 tsp Ghee



–     Soak Figs in hot water. This step just softens the figs making it easy to grind.

–     In a tsp of ghee, Roast all the assorted nuts. Keep stirring as you don wan them to get burnt. Till they change color. Or chomp on each variety to make double sure. Once done, Remove onto a plate and let it cool.

–     In the same pan, roast the khus-khus. This hardly takes 3 to 4 minutes. Be very attentive. Once the color changes, remove them from the pan and spread on a plate.

–     Chop on all the nuts into tiny pieces. This is the time taking process. I just powdered 2 tbsp of these roasted nuts.

–     Grind the dates, figs and raising together. If required pour in a wee bit of the fig-soaked water. It would be very sweet and nutritious and you may not want to throw it away.

–     Heat the pan, add the remaining ghee. Once hot add the dates-figs-raisin pulp. Mix it in and out to make sure the pulp took in the ghee. Once it looses the moisture, toss in the chopped nuts. Mix well. When almost all the moisture is gone, add the powdered nuts. Mix well. Switch off the heat and let the burfi cool.

–     The burfi can be eaten with a spoon in this stage or make laddus or into rolls.

–     Once almost cool, divided into equal sized balls and roll them into cylinders. If you don’t want a poppy-seed coating you can cut the cylinder into small discs of your desired width.

–     Spread khus-khus evenly on a plate and roll each cylinder gently in it making sure that it has been covered evenly. Excess would drop down automatically.

–     Refrigerate for 3 to 4 hours to make these cylinders strong, then chop them into desired sized discs.




Tips :

**   Any dried fruit or nuts can be added/ avoided as per personal preference.

**   Amount of Ghee could be reduced or completely avoided.

**   Butter can be substituted for Ghee.

**   Poppy seed is optional too. But increases the flavour and looks too. It gives a special beauty to the otherwise dark rounds of discs.






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  1. Komu

    Healthy and Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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